Increasing your Speed and Efficiency with F123

The F123 Visual System has been developed to improve educational and employment opportunities for the blind. To maximize the competitiveness of every F123 user, we will always update this page with small tips to speed-up the way a variety of activities can be done through this system.

In the following sections you´ll find tips for new applications as well as command line options, also known as the Terminal. Some may seem relatively advanced, but don´t worry. The command line seems much more frightening to those who can see than for the visually impaired. For us, the command line is extremely accesible and practical.

This page will be updated more frequently than the first help page and will be written with the more experienced user in mind. Nevertheless, if there is anything that is not clear, please write to the F123 e-mail list.

Accelerating Browsing with PCManFM

If you have folders, or directories, with hundreds of files, besides recommending that you use folders within folders to better organize your documents, we also suggest the folder browser pcmanfm. Despite its name, this is an extremely user-friendly, fast, and easy-to-use software.

To install pcmanfm enter the Terminal with Control Alt T, at the terminal type the following command. You can copy from here to there using Control Shift V when pasting, since the usual Control V does not work inside the Terminal.

sudo pacman -Sy pcmanfm

Please note that the letter S in the command above is uppercase. Note also that the system will ask you for your password and it will later ask you if you are sure that you want to proceed with the installation. If you agree answer with a y, always pressing Enter.

After installing the pcmanfm you can exit the Terminal typing exit and pressing Enter. Now you´ll have a faster and very powerful folder browser which you can activate with Alt F2 and the command pcmanfm entirely in lowercase.

If you like this browser, create a keyboard shortcut for it. Also, save commands such as the following to quickly open everything you need by pasting the command into the Alt F2 box:

pcmanfm Documents/ Music/ Downloads/

A command such as the above can be setup to run automatically every time you turn on your computer. This is the great advantage of the command line, it allows you to automate a variety of activities, many of which will be given in examples in this page.